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Frequently Asked Questions

Applications to the school should be submitted through eChoices.

Please make note of the application deadlines. Upon acceptance, parents/guardians will be notified via email in the Spring. 
School starts at 7:50AM. Drop off begins at 7:45AM and students line up by grade in the yard by the basketball courts. Students are ushered to their classrooms by their teachers to be served breakfast and begin their instructional day. Students will be considered late if they come to class after 7:50AM.
School ends at 2:14 PM on a normal dismissal day.  On an early dismissal day (every Tuesday), school ends at 1:10PM.  Check the Calendar for any schedule changes. Arlington Gate will open 10 minutes before dismissal time.
Due to limited parking on the school property and the need to ensure that staff members have access, we ask that parents not park on campus during regular school hours. Street parking is available around the school. Please review the street parking signs before parking on the street. Thank you for your mindfulness and adherence to this request.
Visitors and parents can access the campus by foot through the Adams Boulevard entry gate. We provide a safe school environment, so it is necessary to buzz for entry during the school day. We have a convenient one-way drop-off and pick-up valet line. Entrance is through the Arlington Avenue gate and exits eastbound onto Adams Boulevard. Please be cautious when entering and exiting the gates; both Adams and Arlington are major thoroughfares. Please buzz the button at the gate if it is closed.

Transportation is provided for students who reside beyond a two-mile radius "as the crow flies" (in linear miles, not the length of the route as shown by Google Maps). If your child is eligible, the LAUSD Transportation Services Division will notify you by mail of the pick-up and drop-off location and time before the new school year, usually the week before school. Please enter your address on this map to see if you are eligible for transportation. To find the bus stop near you, please check the LAUSD transportation page

To meet with the principal, please call or visit the main office. The main office number is (323) 731-9346.

To meet with your child's teacher, please contact the teacher directly or arrange through the main office. The main office number is (323) 731-9346. You can reach your child's teacher by stopping by to make an appointment during drop-off or pick-up. Please visit the staff page to contact the teacher via email.

School uniforms consist of gray bottoms (pants, shorts or skirt) and white or gray shirts/polos. Uniforms are encouraged for all students. If you are unable to afford new uniforms for your child, please contact the main office or the Parent Center to get clean, donated uniforms. If you would like to donate uniforms, please provide them to the main office or the Parent Center. Please refer to the PDF below for uniform details and where to get them.

Many items end up at the Lost and Found Rack. Labeling your child's items with name labels will make it easier to locate them. Three times a year, items on the rack are cleared out and donated to charity.

Every child is expected to attend school as attendance increases a student's academic success. If your child does not come to school, you will receive a phone message. When your child returns to school, please provide a note detailing the reason for the absence. Three unexcused absences results in truancy. Please refer to the LAUSD list of excused and unexcused absences.

Students culminating from Mid-City's Prescott in the 5th grade are automatically eligible to attend LACES in the 6th grade. Parents must apply via during open enrollment to activate this eligibility status; an application submittal and confirmation of acceptance is all that is required to reserve/confirm a seat.